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This website might still be bare bones, but our running knowledge, experience, and personalized assistance is not. While we work on building our website, services, and offerings, we are ready to help you reach your running goals right now. 

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Who Are We?

We are a New York based husband and wife running pair. We are parents in our early 30s and have combined to run over 30 marathons as well as many shorter races.

We do almost all of our running in New York City's Central Park and we run every mile that we can together. We also like to travel to races and plan to run a marathon or half marathon in all 50 states eventually (so far we've covered fifteen). We practice healthy eating and healthy living. We are mostly vegetarian and fully dedicated to running as a lifestyle.

For whatever it's worth, our marathon PRs are 2:54 and 3:08, but we're much prouder of our consistency than our PRs. We've both qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon every year since first qualifying, we've completed every marathon we've started in under 3:30, we both run upwards of 80 miles almost every week of the year, and we both have run at least 5 marathons within 5 minutes of our PR.

In a nutshell, that's the kind of consistency we pride ourselves in and hope to share with other runners through this website and our coaching.

What's Our Coaching Philosophy?

In one word: consistency (see above).  The key to successful and healthy running is consistently running lots of miles year round whether or not you have a race on the horizon. While running groups, speed work, and running social events/races can help keep you motivated, lifelong running consistency comes from the dedication, personal choices, and embracing running as a lifestyle.

That's why our training plans and coaching are done almost exclusively online, because it is the simplest and most focussed way for us to help other runners explore running as a lifestyle. We're not really about numbers and Xs and Os and we don't believe in any one set formula to help a runner succeed. Our advice and coaching is to help you through the various challenges that running and life may pose to keep you healthy and running more miles.  We believe that anyone who can stay healthy, run more, and embrace running as a lifestyle will see improvements in their running and be able to reach their running goals.

No particular training plan or advice fits every runner, that's why all of our coaching advice and training plans are customized and personalized.  At the end of the day, every individual runner knows their own best training plan, but our years of running experience can help you find your ultimate lifelong running plan and avoid some missteps along the way.

Our philosophy sounds pretty serious, but most importantly running should be fun and make your life fuller and happier.

All Services

All Inclusive Online Coaching---$25 for the first month, $50/month after that
  • Unlimited e-mail coaching, advice, feedback and correspondence
  • Customized training plan or plans for your next race or running career/year
  • Customized cross training and injury prevention advice
  • Customized core strengthening/maintenance routine
  • Assistance in planning your race calendar for the upcoming year
  • Planning advice/research for your next running trip/race
Marathon or Half Marathon Training Plan---$25 
  • We'll ask a few questions about you and your running and devise a customized training plan for your next marathon (or in some cases marathons)

Basic Coaching---$15/month for the first month, $30/month after that
  • Unlimited e-mail coaching, advice, feedback and correspondence
One-time E-mail Consultation---$10
  • We will answer your running questions, look over your past training, or basically anything you want and provide our advice. 
    Injury Prevention/Core Routines---$20
    • We will provide you with a customized cross training and/or core routine customized to your running needs, injury history, and concerns


    One-time consultation to choose your perfect race destination: $10
    Planning your next running trip with you: $50
    • We're not a travel agency so we won't actually book anything for you, but we will help you to plan (and even choose your destination) your next running trip. 
    • We will help you:
      • choose a race and destination
      • consider your hotel options
      • select your method of travel
      • suggest non-race activities
      • find restaurants
      • get to the starting line
      • consider various race day logistics
      • find running routes for the days before (or after) the race

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